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Schwellnus Incorporated was established in 1997 as a legal practice that deals primarily with property and bond registrations.

We aim to be involved with buyer, seller and estate agent. The registration process is dependent on actions from the municipality and certain government departments. Over time we realised that despite the effective electronic communication between the parties involved in a transaction, the efficiency of our services depends on a better communication with and to spur the huge bureaucratic machine on. In that we believe lies the difference in what we can offer.

Our conveyancer, conveyancing manager and paralegals are willing and ready to assist at any time.



Some of our other services include:

Green and brown field property developments;

Land Sale and Development Agreements;

Principal Building Agreements;

Shareholders and Partnership Agreements;

Sectional Title Sales;

Town Planning Approvals;

Township Applications, Objections, Planning;

Environmental Approvals; and

Committee Hearings, and Town Appeals Board Hearings;

Lease Agreements.